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Providing quality dent repair since 1992

Maserati GT paintless dent repair on rear quarter panel

Make sure to ask any technician of paintless dent repair for videos of their work and not just pictures, especially on light colored cars.  You want to see the detail of their work or art and a high quality video with clarity will help greatly.  Black cars are the hardest color to please the reflection with a repair, at bigdentrepair.com we strive for perfection. 

Tesla large dent repair by Sal Contreras of San Mateo, CA

Teslas are the best to work with!!!

Ford Explorer door dent bodyline repair

Ford Explorer door body line paintless dent repair using WDP (Wide Directional Pushing) method.

Mazda Miata dent repairs

These older Mazda Miatas are getting popular and collectable.  I removed all the dents from this classic all original car. The metal was crazy to work with and my tools came through and helped me through it. 

Chevy Equinox smash dent repair

We saved this vehicle from a completely new panel and restored it to pre-existing condition.  Many times these large dents are in a state of displacement. With the right experience and skills, the metal can come back nicely.  If the paint is factory original,  it holds up the best to the intense repair procedure.  The results can be simply remarkable, but done by only a highly skills dent artist.  We can save your car from a repaint, just give us a call or send a picture to 650 222-2330. 

Audi Q5 Big Dent Repair

This video will show you more about the skill of our technicians than a perfectly angled after photo.   Paintless dent repair can be performed to the highest qualify results by only experienced technicians specializing in this field of repair. 

Volvo XC 90 Big dent repair

Complex damage on a Volvo suv that was headed to the bodyshop for repainting and the color is a tough match.  We saved it from repainting with unique tooling.